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How to add an ‘always on top’ option to any Windows application

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Many applications benefit from the ability to keep their interface on top of all other open application windows. Unfortunately, few applications actually include this feature. While I’m of the opinion such a feature should be native to Windows, that’s just not the case today. Users needing such functionality might be interested in checking out Window On Top.

Window On Top is a portable utility that extends the always on top feature to every software. While running, the functionality can be toggled on and off in any active application window with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F8 or a drag-and-drop of the hand image onto the desired application.

If you routinely find yourself monitoring particular program processes, like a long video encoding session, or even watching a video while multi-tasking; Window On Top can improve the process easily.

Window On Top is compatible with all iterations of Windows including Windows 7 64-bit.

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