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How To Increase & Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life

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I believe you are using a laptop while reading this post but it doesn’t mean that desktop users can’t read this post. My point is that the number of laptop users is increasing rapidly these days. Now one of the main desires of all laptop users is to maximize their laptop’s battery life. No matter where we are, we always have our laptop on our lap. In order to get maximum output from our laptop we need to take a great care of the battery. In this post I will share some important points which will help you to get most out of your laptop battery.

Remember These Points To Get Most Out of Your Laptop Battery

  • Always dim your laptop’s display whenever possible.
  • Always disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.
  • Always remember to disconnect any external devices like USB drives and external hard drives.
  • Some people have habit of just leaving there laptop while it is still charging. Please never charge your laptop’s battery constantly.
  • Always charge your laptop’s battery fully up to 100%.
  • Just disable or deactivate unwanted processes running in the background like scheduled tasks, antivirus scan or software updates etc.
  • Uninstall unnecessary services in your system tray. Disable transparency to get most out of your battery.
  • Empty your CD/DVD drives and always remember to eject any CD or DVD you have finished playing.
  • Switch off the screensaver to save some battery power.
  • Always use original Adapter to charge the laptop battery.

I have made this post a bit short but hope you get the necessary information on increasing your laptop’s battery. In near future you don’t have to think much about this aspect because a revolution has already came which is known as “Ultrabook”. Ultrabook is the new face of laptop which will really change the way we used to work on our laptop.

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