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What do you need to know about GoJS customization?

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Processing a large amount of data is part of everyday work for the vast majority of companies. What seems to be a challenge is a proper understanding of the information that is being used. Basic tables and charts are not always enough to process all the data and notice the relationships between them.

Interactive data visualizations help managers to go through scrambles of information. Seeing the whole picture is easier thanks to the applications based on diagramming library GoJS and its customization. What do we need to know about it?

How do GoJS applications work?

GoJS is a JavaScript library that allows you to create easy to understand, interactive visualizations. It uses HTML Canvas so that the developer is allowed to form dynamic animations based on data. Some of the GoJS capabilities include creating custom flowcharts, diagrams, trees, and provides advanced features for users.

The GoJS library is not free, although it can save a lot of both developer’s and user’s time. They receive a whole set of tools for interactive work and data analysis, including: clipboard support, drag’n’drop support, and transactional state and undo-management. Unlike using free libraries, in this case, we get the availability of full interactivity and access to tools that will facilitate the process of creating almost any type of interactive diagram you can imagine.

GoJS customization allows creating even more than typical flowcharts, diagrams. It is possible to build upon advanced applications, custom features or extensions. .

How to get started with GoJS?
Creating a GoJS application needs an idea (or a problem needed solving) and a simple code. As GoJS depends on HTML5 features, the page needs to declare that it is an HTML5 document. The first step is to download the library from the website (gojs.net) from the npm, or to use the CDN. Then, we move on to writing JavaScript code that will create our diagram. Importantly, GoJS does not require any particular way to build sources. Each GoJavaScript diagram is contained in a HTML element. What is worth remembering is that the DIV needs an explicit size – otherwise the graph will not be visible.

The magic of visualization
Although visualization may be associated with coaching or personal growth areas, it is a process that can help solve far more mundane problems.

Using an application based on GoJS customization team members working on a project are able to create a simulation of a process. What is more, it is possible to make live changes which are often compulsory to see the cause and effect relationship between information. Whether your goal is to transform roles in a department or a team, find errors in the process or optimize it – custom application based on GoJS library will help you achieve the desired effect much faster.

GoJS seems to be a perfect solution for the business which needs to work on organizing hierarchic data, create mind maps, or presenting process flow.

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