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Why You Should Learn Angular JS

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Angular JS is a popular open-source framework based on JavaScript and is quickly becoming the top framework out there. Being based on JavaScript and allowing HTML to be the master language, Angular is the top choice for most web developers. It also requires less code and saves time. The market for Angular JS is huge and learning it is an asset that will open up new avenues, catapulting your career to new heights.
The framework was developed internally by Google and is heavily backed by the Silicon Valley giant. It uses the framework for many of its applications and products such as YouTube, Google Pay, and Google Assistant. Angular has widely been adopted by enterprises and smaller firms as well. It is versatile and can be used to develop desktop, mobile, and web applications. You can also opt for an Angular certification to further improve your prospects in terms of landing a job.

The modern applications, with seamless experiences, that you use on a daily basis are all based on Angular. There is currently an immense demand for Angular developers, and it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a recession in the demand any time soon. In fact, the demand is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose an Angular JS course:

Managing Dependencies
Angular JS leaves the competition far behind in terms of managing dependencies. With the aid of libraries like RequireJS, the user is free to load the JavaScript whenever required. The value of dependency injection is proven in applications like Single Page Applications (SPA) and Testing. In testing, Angular JS enables you to split applications into individual logical modules which can have dependencies on other modules. This makes it possible for you to carry out real unit testing and end-to-end testing.

Angular finds major applications in Single Page Applications that utilize dynamic loading to offer a native application experience through a web-based application. With the best dependency handling, Angular eliminates the need to rely on un-maintainable ‘main()’ to execute code. It also makes applications faster, lighter, and more responsive by reducing the server burden significantly.

High Performance
It’s natural for developers to want to minimize the code they have written to make it lighter and more efficient. That’s just one of many concerns that Angular addresses — it offers easy maintenance, ability to integrate with new applications or features, and accessibility is another bonus. Robust and packed with features like ROuting, API client, scope management, data binding, and animations, it offers developers all they need to make efficient applications. The most common factors that developers consider when choosing the best platform for their application are:

Does it allow the integration of new features?
Does the existing application support the features?
Angular satisfies both these requirements by allowing seamless integration with new features and full support from the JS framework.

Parallel Development
Angular makes parallel development possible with the support of JavaScript, which allows modularity and the use of pattern. While Angular does not completely remove dependencies, it does a great job at managing them, thereby making them simpler to handle. Top developers prefer Angular because it allows them to code independently without relying on other services.

Better Work Life
According to Neuvoo.ca, the median salary for an Angular developer in Canada is $120,000 a year, with the highest being $185,250. That’s a testament to the value Angular brings to the table. It’s very lucrative and can boost your career prospects greatly. Other benefits include adding creativity, ease of access, and scalability — all of which contribute to a more satisfactory work-life.

Many of the biggest names in the tech world rely on Angular as their trusted platform for application development. Some of these include Google, PayPal, Nike, and Sony. The framework is easily accessible and efficient in application development, making it the top choice among competing frameworks. Its widespread adoption is a major benefit that has convinced thousands of developers to learn Angular.

Learning Angular will be an asset to your credentials that will open up several job prospects in and around the world. It will also give you a healthy work-life that offers avenues for further study, and adds an element of creativity and challenge, making every project interesting.

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